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Refresh Your Body & Soul

Tom N Toms’ slogan, “Refresh your body and soul,” comes from the intent to establish a warm, welcoming environment where friends can get together and enjoy a cup of coffee and delicious food. As well, the slogan refers to a familiar space to find solace when life needs you to “refresh” and recharge.


Established in 2004, Tom N Toms was founded in South Korea as a way to introduce coffee into a culture that was unfamiliar with the trend of coffee at the time. TNT started a movement into Korea’s first 24-hour coffee service, and from there, introduced the first coffee roastery that provides fresh coffee beans, with the taste and quality that is unprecedented until this day. Since its establishment, TNT has received national and international recognition for its services and products. And, as a result, has expanded all across Korea and globally, resulting in more than 500 locations worldwide. These locations include Singapore, Mongolia, China, Thailand/Myanmar, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia, Qatar, and the United States. TNT’s endless growth into the coffee market has allowed Korea to further develop its coffee culture in unique ways. However, TNT remains at the forefront of Korea’s coffee culture, as it continues to grow today.

In 2010, TNT opened its first US location, while opening its 200th local location in Korea. And, in 2017, TNT was awarded second place in Customer Satisfaction of Coffee Brand (Korea Consumer Agency). 2019, we introduce TNT’s first Houston, Texas location Bellaire. 2021, Galleria and in 2023, Katy, Texas.


6356 S Peek Rd #400, Katy, TX 77450, USA


Mon-Friday 7AM - 7PM
Saturday 8AM - 7PM
Sunday 10AM - 6PM

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